JavaScript Sortable

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A optimized javascript sortable list using LemonadeJS.



Attribute Description
data: Array <Object> Data should be an array of objects.
draggable?: boolean Enable or disable drag and drop.
onchange?: function The method is fired when a drag event occurs.

Usage example

Source code

<div id='root'></div>

function Component() {
    let self = {
        data: [
            { title: 'Item A' },
            { title: 'Item B' },
            { title: 'Item C' },
        draggable: true

    var template = `
        <ul style="padding-inline-end: 40px; user-select: none; list-style: none;">
            <Sortable data="{{}}" draggable={{self.draggable}}>
                <li style="cursor: pointer; width: 200px; border: 1px solid grey; background: #eee;">{{self.title}}</li>

    return lemonade.element(template, self, { Sortable });

document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function() {
    lemonade.render(Component, document.getElementById('root'));