LemonadeJS Plugins

LemonadeJS Plugins

On the website, you can find different official components. We can categorize those as Pico Extension, Plugins, and Integrations.

Pico Library

A Pico library is a collection of particular components that follow some characteristics below.

  • It has less than 2 KBytes;
  • No dependencies required;
  • Highly optimized code;

Available components

Currently, the following components are available on the official LemonadeJS Pico Library.

  • List: Create a list of elements from an array based on a given template, including search and pagination.
  • Rating: A micro JavaScript star rating plugin.
  • Router: Create a JavaScript single-page application with routes using LemonadeJS.
  • Signature Pad: A JavaScript Signature pad using LemonadeJS.


The LemonadeJS component library includes other JavaScript plugins and components for common requirements.

  • Data Grid: A micro (5KBytes) JavaScript Data Grid with search, pagination, sorting.
  • Image Cropper: A linkedin-style photo cropper.

Submit your components

If you have created something awesome and would like to share, please clone https://github.com/lemonadejs/lemonadejs and send your PR.