LemonadeJS offers a lightweight, MIT-licensed micro-library for constructing reactive web interfaces efficiently and effectively. It helps developers create modular, maintainable, and reusable components without external dependencies. Your technical expertise can help improve the library's core functionality and expand its feature set.

Github Repository

We welcome contributions through our LemonadeJS Official GitHub repository. If you have ideas for features, optimizations, or documentation enhancements, we encourage you to share them. For bug reports or pull requests, please follow our contribution guidelines to maintain the quality and coherence of the codebase.


To include LemonadeJS in your project, you can install it via npm with the following command:

% npm install lemonadejs

We appreciate contributions in all forms: code submissions, documentation improvements, or even community support. By contributing to LemonadeJS, you're helping to create a more robust and efficient tool for the entire developer community.