Lemonadejs: Javascript Library

Lemonadejs is a super lightweight vanilla javascript micro-library (4Kb). It aims to help the integration between the JavaScript (controllers) and the HTML (view). It supports two-way binding and integrates natively with Jsuites to help to create amazing interfaces quicker.

It would help you to deliver reusable components and does not require transpilers, babel, or hundreds of other dependencies and work just fine in any javascript dev environment. Lemonadejs has a quick learning curve and keeps coding fun and very close to native JS.
  • Make rich and user-friendly web interfaces and applications
  • Handle complicated data inputs with ease and convenience
  • Improve the software user experience
  • Create rich CRUDS and beautiful UI
  • Highly flexible and customizable
  • Lightweight and simple to use

<script src="https://lemonadejs.net/v1/lemonade.js"></script>

<div id="root"></div>

(function (root) {
    var self = {};
    self.count = 1;
    var template = `<div>
        <p>You clicked {{self.count}} times</p>
        <button onclick="self.count++;">
            Click me

    return lemonade.blender(template, self, root);



% npm install lemonadejs
Or download from our Github Official


Lemonade v1.0.0

  • @bind, @ready, @ref magic properties.

Copyright and license

LemonadeJS is released under the MIT license. Contact LemonadeJS

About LemonadeJS

The LemonadeJS is an original JavaScript software created to facilitate the integration between HTML, data, and methods in web-based development. It is an efficient and flexible way for building user interfaces. It brings the development as close to the JavaScript vanilla coding as possible making the library learning very fast. The developer would have the flexibility to extend the development to the browser environment but continue building modern, complex UIs and reusable components.